What can you expect in an Amalfi Coast Tour from Sorrento?

For the unfamiliar, Sorrento Coast Limo is a well-establish company within the realm of tours by land vehicle, as well as one of the most highly-rated companies in its sector on TripAdvisor and similar review websites found around the web. For some time now, the folks down at Sorrento Coast Limo have been the people to go to for locals and foreigners alike looking for a taste of everything their relevant region has to offer through their immersive tours, taking you everywhere worth going to in the area that is accessible by land.

Amalfi Coast tours from Sorrento Coast Limo are in high supply and are sure you show you everything Italy has to offer, no matter when one decides to undertake such a serious excursion. Guests on the tour are given a bit of leeway in terms of how they wish to proceed touring any given location. Times will come up where guests may choose to walk a garden’s grounds, for example, giving you tonnes of freedom while still giving you the structured tour experience you’re looking for throughout. Here are a few of the places you may find yourself ending up at on one of Sorrento Coast Limo’s Amalfi Coast excursion.


What Can You Expect to See?

When you start a tour of the Amalfi Coast, you’ll get a lively look at Italy as a whole, as well as its surrounding ocean. You’ll not only catch a great view of all of the touristy spots in the immediate area, but you can also get a glimpse into the country’s inner workings as well, giving you the full scope on Italy beyond just seeing sights and visiting tourist attractions. While some of the stops on the Amalfi Coast tour’s list of destinations may already ring familiar, there are several relatively untouched portions which can give you an experience that your standard tourist guide book just can’t.


Li Galli island

li galli isand amalfi coast tour from sorrentoAdmiring Li Galli from the coastal road is like stepping out of the world as you know it and into a picture-perfect postcard. Li Galli offers a perfect scenery which nature seems to have refrained from replicating anywhere else. Not only this, but the islands themselves have some history behind them. In fact, some of the infamous sirens from early mythology are said to have resided on the islands. Whether or not you’ve heard it called out by name, you’ve likely heard of the archipelago through stories and movies which typically portray it from a semi-fictional standpoint.


Spiaggia Grande in Positano

spiaggia grande positano li galli isand amalfi coast tour from sorrentoAs its name would suggest to anyone remotely familiar with the Italian language, Spiaggia Grande can offer a great view of the ocean which surrounds it. Found within Positano, one of Italy’s villages, the contrast between the surrounding cold sea to the village’s warm glow during the late-evening sun is a sight which can’t be missed. During the day, you’ll find its tiny population to be lively enough for Toronto or New York. Spiaggia Grande is where man and nature collide, catering to everyone’s interests, no matter what they may be. The minivan coach will take a rest and give guests the option to walk down and see the area in person while it waits for them to come back.



Grotta dello Smeraldo

grotto smeraldo li galli isand amalfi coast tour from sorrentoAnother lesser-known location among Italy’s border, guests visiting Grotta dello Smeraldo will likely have a bit of fun here, no matter what they’re into. A cave situated off the coast, many will find this to be a completely new experience and one which they’ll remember for a lifetime. The cave is completely safe and is suitable for everyone, giving you a structured and secure glimpse into the wild.



Valle delle Ferriere in Amalfi

Ferriere Valley Amalfi Coast TourWhile many of the above locations may be more suitable for those who want to see Italy for what it is, the Valle delle Ferriere is great for those who want to see Italy for what it was. A protected and preserved piece of the country’s nature, the Valle delle Ferriere momentarily takes you out of Italy and the world of man as we know it. Plants and animals are the only companions you’ll find here. The officials’ ability to preserve the area is truly astounding and is certainly not a sight worth passing up.


Villa Cimbrone Gardens in Ravello

villa cimbrone gardens li galli isand amalfi coast tour from sorrentoAnother glimpse into Italy’s past, the Villa Cimbrone is a building who’s origins date as far back as the eleventh century. Perfectly intact, it’s sometimes hard to remember you are in fact still in the modern world as you peruse the grounds’ gardens. When passing the Villa Cimbrone Gardens, guests will have the option of stopping in for an in-person visit, leaving them fully immersed in the scenery. While the in-person visit in question is optional, guests would do well to experience such a large piece of the region’s history. This is one of those places where cameras are essential.



Fiordo di Furore

fiordo di furore li galli isand amalfi coast tour from sorrentoA town situated within Italy’s south-western region, Furore is marked by largely variant elevation levels spread throughout and has a great ocean view (as it turns out, the view of Furore itself is equally stunning). Within the municipality of Furore lies Fiordo di Furore, a smaller sub-municipality of sorts. While visiting a country’s capital and major cities is always nice, nothing gives you a true glimpse into the nature of a country as a whole like visiting a small, down-to-Earth place such as this. Its scenery is nice, as are its people. It’s certainly not a location any serious tourist would want to pass up.


A Little Bit of Everything

On Amalfi Coast Tours from Sorrento, you’ll find something to cater to your needs and pique your interest, no matter what it is you’re looking for on your next tour or vacation. Through the combination of great scenery, history, nature and even brief immersions into both Italy’s contemporary and past culture, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone on the tour. For those who plan on visiting the region any time soon, the Amalfi Coast tour may just be too good to pass up or if you are interested others day trips from Sorrento you can also check the proposal of Sorrento Coast Limo.

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