Bird watching Tips in Australia

australia birdwatching tours tipsAustralia is an island continent and is proudly the home of a huge list of birds. Australia has over 800 bird species not mentioning animals and vegetation that cannot be found in any other part of the world. Most birds have a striking color making bird watching a social-economic activity for both local and foreign tourists.

Australia is a large continent and a single trip cannot cover the whole continent. The continent is divided into the Western, Eastern, Central, Southern and Northern parts, each offering a spectacular species of birds worth watching. There is also an Australian Association that aim to creating a bright future for Australia’s birds.


Most bird watching tours are therefore spread throughout the week in order to cover all these parts while also giving tourists a chance to take photos. Bird watching tours in Australia are done in small groups and individual basis. In addition, they are done with the help of guides who are well trained in the bird watching service and have cultivated their bird watching interest. They also provide the visitors with a number of Australia best bird watching destinations throughout their stay in the continent.

Bird watching Tips in Australia:

  • Hire a Guide– Local guides provide tourists with the knowledge about the birds and Australia’s best bird watching destinations.
  • Get a Guide Book– Guide books have much to offer other than just pictures and birds’ names. It offers information regarding to the birds’ habitats, families and watching tips. This is important in understanding the birds’ behaviors while recognizing its species.
  • Smartphone Apps– There are a variety of smart devices apps for example Birds of Australia and Bird Journal app that can be downloaded from the internet. The advantage of these apps is that they save the information to the cloud, keeping it safer for future developments.
  • Cameras and Binoculars– The whole birding experience is climaxed by capturing the birds’ movements and behavior in its natural environment. This necessitates visitors to have top quality photography equipment to capture amazing shots and videos of birds. However, one has to have a good photography skill.

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