Niagara Nature Tours

niagare nature toursFounded in 1996, Niagara Nature Tours focusses on giving both locals and visitors a chance to wine and enjoy the region’s cuisine while participating in activities such as hiking in the natural vegetation and wildlife around Niagara. Travelling to Niagara enables visitors to appreciate and understand the importance of conserving the natural environment. In addition, it also helps visitors understand how nature sustains the local people’s culture and wellbeing in the long run.

Its founder, Carla Carlson, a renowned naturalists in Canada is also a former president of the Peninsula Field Naturalist Club. The Niagara Nature Tours is part of her dream job. Niagara Nature Tours is based on the ecotourism principles and guidelines such as:


  • Provide a firsthand experience with nature, both vegetation and wildlife
  • Understanding the value, desire and ethics that lead to sustainable tourism
  • It is to be beneficial to both the environment and wildlife

Niagara Nature Tours provides the following;

  • Consulting and education services
  • Step on guiding services
  • Custom tailored tours, hikes and nature walks
  • Programming workshops and presentations for conferences

Available Getaway Packages

Birds the World- Victors are taught on the art of pishing, songbird calling and following them to the woodlands.

Nature Fitness Trail- It’s meant to challenge one’s physical limits through gentle forest walks and jobs.

Photography Ramble- It’s to challenge visitors to take good nature photos with the guidance of an expert photographer.

Sisters in Spring- Meant for sisters and girlfriend helping the female visitors to learn of the various ways Mother Nature provides medicine to humans. This is through medicinal herbs and plants that have gone through both ancient knowledge and scientific proofs to treat and cure diseases and illnesses.

Ponds, Lagoons and Lazy Loons- This quality bird tour provides visitors with the knowledge of how to identify different birds in their secret birding hot spots.

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